Innovate! - Improving Standards in Telecom Expense Management
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Douglas Coupland, Director of Telecommunications, Cook County Government

Trends in the big data revolution are creating exciting new business opportunities in telecom expense management, which enterprises are just beginning to explore. Adoption of these emerging innovations will result in bottom-line savings....

Discovering SD-WAN's Hidden Talents Five Areas of your Business where a Software-Defined Wide-Area Network Solution can unlock new Internal Value
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Mike Frane, VP, Product Management, Windstream Enterprise

The word about SD-WAN is out. As more enterprises pursue a digital-first strategy, they’re turning to the software-defined wide-area network as a versatile, lean, cost-effective and scalable network solution for migrating key business...

4 Key Enablers to Successful Digital Transformation of Business Communications
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Dino Di Palma, President, America Sales & Global Accounts, Avaya

89 percent of organizations have adopted or plan to adopt a “digital-first” business strategy, with key investments including artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, cloud,IoT, and mobility according to IDG’s 2018 State...

Why Artificial Intelligence Will Empower the CIO
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Gregory B Morrison, SVP & CIO, Cox Enterprises

Since the dawn of mainframe computing, CIOs have marshaled troves of data—gathering, using and protecting information to advance the company’s strategic objectives. As technology evolves, so do our methods. The widespread digitization...