5 Reasons to Choose New Telecom Billing System
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Telecom companies have suffered to reach a major point which changes the functioning and operations of the entire system FREMONT, CA: Telecom billing solutions have been a significant pressure point for telecom service providers as they pose...

How to Curb Security Threats
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Jason Worley, CIO, Adeptus [NYSE:ADPT]

Cybersecurity Threats in a High-Growth Environment Due to our high-growth healthcare environment, we face pronounced cyber-security challenges. We have grown from about 500 users to over 5,000 users in less than 36 months. During that process,...

Data Security in Healthcare
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Mark Eggleston, VP, Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer, Health Partners Plans

1. What are the current market trends you see shaping the Healthcare InfoSec Space? The shortage of information security professionals is prevalent. While many CISOs are working on implementing creative solutions to ensure more folks think...

Digital Realty to Expand European Footprint with Interxion Acquisition
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Digital Realty will issue 0.7067 shares to Interxion Holding shareholders for every share they own. Based on Digital Realty's closing price, the total comes up to USD 93.48 per share, with debt included valuation of USD 8.4 billion....

OTTs Are Reinforcing Transformations in Telecom Service Providers
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In the digital age like the present, all the entities that exist are now connected with cellular network services. When such a greatly impactful telecom service provider teams up with the Media and technology to offer OTT platforms and several...

Introducing the Next-Gen Operating Model
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Cheryl Stevens, Director, Enterprise Applications - Enterprise Data Management, Veolia North America

In today’s business world, a key differentiating factor is a company's ability to adopt an effective digital data strategy into their Business Processes Management initiatives. The lines between technology and business process partners...

Misdirected Hype! Enterprise IoT and Wearables Advance Operations
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Stephanie Atkinson, CEO & Founder, Compass Intelligence

Much of the hype around the Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M (machine-to-machine) solutions is centered on the consumer, but this is expected to change or at least I hope it will soon. We are inundated with articles, press, and other media around...

7 Trends in the Telecom Sector to Look Out For
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5G is here and now, and it is bringing along treats for every kind of industry. Sectors like energy, agriculture, transport, healthcare, and manufacturers are all waiting to pounce upon the potentials offered by 5G and IoT. With the advent of 5G,...

Polte Raises USD 12.5 Million in Series A-2 Funding
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The company's cloud-based platform powers devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), with real-time location determination as and when they move between indoor and outdoor environments by leveraging 4G and 5G cellular signals....

Adapting for 5G Before its Arrival
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The next generation of wireless communication technology is expected to be at least ten times faster and more responsive than its predecessor, 4G. By the end of 2019, data speeds are set to cross 1.5 gigabytes per second. Fremont, CA: 5G, the...

What are the Latest Trends in the Telecommunication Industry?
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Intelligent Connectivity has facilitated the convergence of high-speed 5G network. The IoT and AI will also provide personal and highly contextualized experiences that can make the future of the Telco industry. FREMONT, CA: The year 2019 is...

Do 5G Networks Really Pose a Threat to Weather Forecasting?
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Doubtlessly, 5G is the new wave in the coming generation. It is going to revolutionize almost every industry, especially the field of communication. But have you ever thought about the negative effects it can have?  FREMONT, CA: There is...

How are Telcos Improving Analytics?
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Telecom companies are among the first to utilize new and emerging technologies that can hold real-time and historical analytics together. FREMONT, CA: A massive amount of data is created by people daily, which has been experienced by...

How can Telecos Transform the Future
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The backdrop of encryption has wholly transformed the shape of telcos by pushing it into the OTT space and triggering its user access abilities as well as high-status partnerships in the industry. FREMONT, CA: The mobile and broadband services...

How Can Additional Benefits and Analytics Help Telcos to Succeed in the Market
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Leveraging data analytics to evaluate and envisage the trends seems to be a convenient path to stay ahead of the upgrades in the marketplace. FREMONT, CA: In the last few years, the telecom industry went aboard upon a significant path of...

Can AI Bridge the Gap Between Customers and Telecom Enterprises?
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Leveraging AI to its maximum, telecom companies will enhance the business by focusing on the demands of customers, and predict product development, improve margins, optimize pricing, and much more.  FREMONT, CA: We live in a world of...

Duubee's 5G CPE WG50 High-Speed Network to Transform Households
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A simple, flexible, and high-speed network that helps the users to download within no time, and allows fast and advanced WiFi connections. FREMONT, CA: Dubbee, a telecommunications company focused on the integration of IoT solutions,...

Honeywell Launches a Global Vendor Program with Pointr as a Member
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Pointr initiated Deep Location Platform to Honeywell Marketplace. The initiation offers correct positioning, location-based services, and location analytics. FREMONT, CA: Pointr announced that it is a member of Honeywell's Independent...

The Digital Transformation of the Insurance Industry
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Andrew Palmer, SVP & Chief Information Officer, U.S. Region, Liberty Mutual Insurance

1. What are the current market trends you see shaping the Digital Transformation space? I tend to focus more on technology trends and domains, than specific technologies. Like many CIOs, I’m following several of the top-line trends...

Putting the Ops Back in DevOps
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Bill Talbot, Vice President, Solution & Product Marketing, CA Technologies

DevOps is the new normal for rapidly delivering high quality software and, with software as the new face of business, speed and quality can determine success. However, integrating DevOps into your organization can take some getting used to....