Digital Realty to Expand European Footprint with Interxion Acquisition
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Digital Realty will issue 0.7067 shares to Interxion Holding shareholders for every share they own. Based on Digital Realty's closing price, the total comes up to USD 93.48 per share, with debt included valuation of USD 8.4 billion....

Misdirected Hype! Enterprise IoT and Wearables Advance Operations
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Stephanie Atkinson, CEO & Founder, Compass Intelligence

Much of the hype around the Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M (machine-to-machine) solutions is centered on the consumer, but this is expected to change or at least I hope it will soon. We are inundated with articles, press, and other media around...

How CIOs Choose Virtual Wireless Assistants
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Virtual Assistants have a huge potential in transforming business processes, like cutting down costs, training employees etc. However, it brings some challenges, along with its benefits. Will the CIOs able to overcome it? FREMONT, CA: A virtual...

5G and Cloud: The Future of Augmented Reality?
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Emerging AR applications will depend heavily on 5G and cloud. FREMONT, CA: Augmented reality technology is used in various industries, including commercial, gaming, retail, and e-commerce, whose key players are Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Google,...

6 MVAS Tools Telcos can Adopt to Ensure Customer Retention
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The rise in market revenue in the future will be driven by the Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS) Fremont, CA:  Value Added Services (VAS) is a mounting industry spurring mobile subscribers to use their mobile devices, enabling the mobile...

IT Services are Expanding More Quickly than Ever
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Chris Kielt, CIO, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Earlier in my career, I was an administrator for a University-owned, health maintenance organization (HMO) caring for 40,000 faculties, staff, students and their dependents. My boss would hold weekly senior staff meetings, often for upwards of two...

SES to Enhance its Cloud-Based Network Automation
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To operationalize the first ONAP orchestration platform, SES join hands with Amdocs, this partnership will make a seamless network based on the satellite. FREMONT, CA: The world-leading satellite operator SES, is planning to create an open,...

Microsoft Azure's Big Bet on SDN
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Albert Greenberg, Director of Development, Microsoft Azure Networking, Microsoft Corporation

The demands on the network are growing exponentially as more and more customers are running their applications in the cloud. As a result, hardware-based networks of the past are no longer flexible or cost-effective enough to handle rapidly...

Innovate! - Improving Standards in Telecom Expense Management
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Douglas Coupland, Director of Telecommunications, Cook County Government

Trends in the big data revolution are creating exciting new business opportunities in telecom expense management, which enterprises are just beginning to explore. Adoption of these emerging innovations will result in bottom-line savings....

High Time to Rethink about Exchange Servers
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Many companies want to give up their Exchange Server to convert it to Microsoft Office 365. Migration of an Exchange Server is often a complicated process, but it can minimize a certain strain by using an Exchange Server. Even after choosing a new...

The Perfect Conferencing Storm
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Joan Vandermate, Head of Marketing, Logitech

For more than a decade, industry pundits predicted that video conferencing would become ubiquitous— in every conference room and shared collaboration space, on every desktop computer and across every mobile device. And they were right! The...

Key Technologies Driving the Stampede to the Cloud
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Mark Bagley, VP, Innovation Scouting, BT

The stampede to cloud is the number one trend in today’s IT landscape. Why finance, buy, install, operate, maintain and protect your own IT infrastructure when you can rent everything? Security concerns about the cloud are passé. If...

Network Troubleshooting: How to Optimize Your Toolset to Tackle Today's Network Issues
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Leon Adato, Head Geek, SolarWinds

Software defined networking (SDN) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are key technology trends sure to affect the future of networking. As such, they currently enjoy the lion’s share of broad industry attention. Now, there’s no harm in...

Software Defined Networking: Time to Unshackle the Network
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Jennifer Artley, COO, BT Americas

It’s been said that “software is eating the world”. Internet-based cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are indeed disrupting industries from the ground up. Public cloud services give startups...

The Age of Cyber-Cloud Networking
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Sandy Jacolow, CIO, Silverstein Properties

The Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Everything as a Service and implications of Cyber Security are transforming today’s network at a frenetic pace beyond the boundaries of Moore’s Law. Brian Solis best described this shift as Digital...

SD-WAN: Today's Networking Technology
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Rahoul Ghose, CIO, ECMC Group

A few decades ago, Sun Microsystems coinedthe phrase “The Network Is the Computer” to define its product strategy. In today’s world of complex applications, sophisticated data analytics, pervasive use of multimedia and a widely...

Commercializing ONAP: Accenture's Role in Defining the Market
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NFV orchestration is important to coordinate the resources needed for the smooth running of the cloud-based services. Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) and ETSI’s Open Source MANO are two important solutions in this field. ONAP is a...

The Cost of Software Testing?
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Alan Page, Quality Director, Unity Technologies

Today, I received yet-another email from a testware vendor telling me how I could get more ROI from my testing efforts. Yesterday, there was another email from a testing service company promising me that their tool could reduce the cost of my...

Leading the Wireless Retail Industry
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David Sperling, CTO

Several brands today bombard customers with ads and promotions and stick toward the line showing their unique offers. In the retail industry, technology has paved the way to make this simpler. Many innovative concepts, including wireless carriers,...

How VA-enabled Apps will Transform the Telecom Industry?
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Artificial intelligence and machine learning have made a transformational impact on every industry. The telecommunication industry is adopting new technologies that help them improve operational productivity, streamline communication, and enhance...