Digital Operations Transformation with Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Five Factors Every Enterprise Must Consider for Successful ROI
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Vinay Mummigatti, Enterprise Head of Robotic Process Automation and BPM - Technology, Solutions, and Architecture, Bank of America

Legacy operations landscape and the “last mile” challenge Most enterprises are spending a big part of their IT efforts in reducing operational costs and improving customer engagement. However, their efforts sometimes yield only...

Enabling Automation in Telecom Networks
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Kamakshi Sridhar, Ph.D. VP Automation Innovation, Sandvine

Traffic growth driven by streaming video, social networking and newer bandwidth hungry gaming applications has led to increasing levels of network congestion along with higher expectations of user Quality of Experience (QoE). Users are no...

How to Enhance CX with Big Data Analytics
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In the cutthroat competition between service providers, customers are also not putting their step down from altering networks, in case of any dissatisfaction in the services. FREMONT, CA: The telecommunication industry has millions of users,...

CIO, can you keep it straight? Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning vs. Data Sciences
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Deepak Seth, Strategy & Business Transformation Program Leader, Xerox

You may be not the first CIO flummoxed by what seem to be interchangeably used words. Just recently the head of an industry vertical for a Top 6 consulting firm send me some thoughts he had penned about what he thought was Artificial Intelligence...

Intelligent Telecommunication Solutions for SMBs
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The crucial aspect of work for each company is the modernization of its network and telecommunications so that their ROI is maximized and within budget. Recent progress in the areas of networking, mobility, and cloud space enables businesses to...

The Cost of Software Testing?
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Alan Page, Quality Director, Unity Technologies

Today, I received yet-another email from a testware vendor telling me how I could get more ROI from my testing efforts. Yesterday, there was another email from a testing service company promising me that their tool could reduce the cost of my...

Rich Communication Services (RCS) are here - What you need to know
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Chris Drake, CTO, iconectiv

Imagine a group of people in a chat session engaging with various businesses to purchase movie tickets while chatting, book a restaurant reservation or see directions all in unison. That is pretty rich. In the past year, the advanced messaging...

IT Modernization, Technology Acceleration, and Continuous Transformation
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Rob Klopp, CIO & Deputy Commissioner-Systems, Social Security Administration

This article considers the trade-offs associated with keeping your enterprise’s application portfolio up-to-date in the face of ever accelerating advances in technology. There are several options to be considered—modernization through...

CaaS: "Cooking" as a Service
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Medhat Mahmoud, Sr. Director, Technology & Strategy, IoT Solutions, Huawei Technologies

In my article in 2015 edition in CIOReview (M2M who will follow and who will lead), I was talking about how technology and business innovation combined together play a key role to advance IoT. Today, two years later, the question repeats...

VIAVI Solutions: Enhancing Business Outcomes
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Oleg Khaykin, President and CEO

A public company which provides solutions like wirelie, enterprise & data center, wireless, network equipment manufacturers, real-time intelligence, and optical security and performance. The company was spun off from JDSU in August 2015. The two...

Privi: Text-based Marketing Redefined
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Mitesh Patel, Chairman and CEO

Headquartered in Winter Haven, Privi is an innovator of SMS/MMS marketing. The company is specialized in global content distribution, SMS/MMS text marketing, mass communication, and marketing and promotion. Privi enhances the voice of high-profile...

Cloud Computing Provides Excellent Opportunities
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Lynne B Briggs, CIO, BloodCenter of Wisconsin

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2013 and expectations Meeting Enterprise needs certainly depends on the status of the enterprise, and when we look at  technology we look at several different layers from network and...