How TDS navigates the constantly shifting and evolving cybersecurity landscape
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Karl Betz, Director of Infrastructure, Risk Management and Chief Information Security Officer, TDS Telecom

Every day presents itselfwith new challenges in the cybersecurity world. As the director of infrastructure, risk management and chief information security officer for TDS Telecom, I find we are constantly confronted with different threats from...

7 Trends in the Telecom Sector to Look Out For
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5G is here and now, and it is bringing along treats for every kind of industry. Sectors like energy, agriculture, transport, healthcare, and manufacturers are all waiting to pounce upon the potentials offered by 5G and IoT. With the advent of 5G,...

Bigleaf closes $21 Million in Series B, provides SMBs a Significant Relief
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Bigleaf has closed $21 million in Series B funding and has expanded its channel program. FREMONT, CA: Bigleaf Networks, a cloud-based SD-WAN provider, that offers enhanced reliability, support, and performance for businesses relying on the...

6 SD-WAN Benefits That will Lighten your Executives' Spirits
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In today's high tech world, latency is a significant competitive disadvantage for enterprises. No doubt, businesses are now looking for solutions to overcome the latency factor. Have a look at the benefits of SD-WAN to deal with network...

Post the Association with AWS, ZephyrTel Now Announces its Cloud Forward Program
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ZephyrTel, a software enterprise catering to telecommunications operators across the globe has announced the launch of the ‘Cloud Forward Program’ that is designed to enable businesses to traverse through the cloud transition....

New Trends Rebuild Telco Industry
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The telecommunication industry is witnessing transformation by adopting new trends that help to deliver better customer services and enhance its working process. FREMONT, CA: The telecommunication industry is in its transformational phase of...

Potential of IoT in the Telecom Industry
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FREMONT, CA: There is an exponential rise in the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in every industry owing to the efficiency and safety they provide. For a similar reason, the technology is gaining traction in the telecom sector....

Unified Communication's in the Cloud
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Dan Hurley, VP of Information Technology, Solera Health

When we start to think about how to effectively access data when it comes to business communications, we need to start thinking about removing the physical equipment layer and moving this to the cloud. Today, businesses are expanding their...

What is CLOUD doing to our networks?
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Sam Schoelen, Chief Information Technology Officer, Continental Resources

Do you remember upgrading to a 56K modem?  Do you recall how fast that seemed at the time?  If you were like me I was going from a 14.4K up to a 56K then you may remember that.  Oh yes, and I was hosting a BBS on it as well....

SD-WAN: Today's Networking Technology
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Rahoul Ghose, CIO, ECMC Group

A few decades ago, Sun Microsystems coinedthe phrase “The Network Is the Computer” to define its product strategy. In today’s world of complex applications, sophisticated data analytics, pervasive use of multimedia and a widely...

Accelerating Connectivity with VMware SD-WAN
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Increasing amounts of data are transferring between data centers, cloud environments, branch office, and other remote locations. Data analytics, media traffic, storage demand, and data backup drive all of these data. This traffic creates the need...

"x-as-a-service" for a Thriving Business
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The idea of x-as-a-service began with basic Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with cloud providers providing individual applications for software. X-as-a-service is also known in different terminologies like anything-as-a-service and...

Mobile Telecom Shifting Yet Again
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Julie Stafford, SVP Strategic Consulting, Tangoe

How CIOs Can Manage and Control Costs of Changing Equipment and Rate Plans Get ready for another major shift in the way corporations manage their mobile telecommunications and costs. CIOs are beginning to move away from purchasing subsidized...

Unified Communications: The Promise Realized
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Tom Gill, CIO, Plantronics

Unified Communications and Collaboration Unified Ccommunications at Plantronics is about providing the tools that allow our employees to work rom wherever and whenever is most appropriate given the task to be performed. In an increasingly...

Privi: Text-based Marketing Redefined
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Mitesh Patel, Chairman and CEO

Headquartered in Winter Haven, Privi is an innovator of SMS/MMS marketing. The company is specialized in global content distribution, SMS/MMS text marketing, mass communication, and marketing and promotion. Privi enhances the voice of high-profile...

How are SDN and NFV Influencing the Communication Service Provider Landscape?
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In two decades, networks have gone under high traffic request an investigation as organizations and purchasers rely on network connectivity for sales, internal correspondences, client administrations, and document sharing. SDN, combined with...

Compax: Many Telco Processes, One Solution
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Leopold Kojeder, Founder & CEO

A software company that delivers business support solutions to the biggest telcos across four countries in Europe. One of the top Telecom Solution Providers in Europe, Compax’s solutions enable the quick and easy implementation of all customer...

Telavox: Simplifying Business Communication
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Viktor Karlsson, CEO

Telavox develops a world-leading communication platform with solutions for smart and efficient telephony, PBX, chat, video and much more. On a mission to simplify business communication and collaboration, the company employs 250 passionate people...

Get Us To The Cloud On Time
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John M. Ellinger, CIO, Bowling Green State University

Three years ago Bowling Green State University (BGSU) initiated two strategies: first –migrating as many applications and systems to the cloud and second -giving preference to open source applications. As a medium size...