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Javier Cid de Quevedo, CEO, TeamnetJavier Cid de Quevedo, CEO
Over the years, telecom billing and expense management have been a quagmire for both telcos and their B2B customers. Telcos spend the lion’s share of their time and resources on manually-driven tools that lack the management controls required to reduce billing complexity and reporting inefficiency. On the other hand, their B2B customers fret about the inaccurate, and sometimes, excessive billing and inadequate documentation and reporting that lead to unnecessary telecom expenses. TEAMNET is an IT solutions company that helps telcos and their B2B customers reduce the complexity in billing and expense management. In addition, the company supports its clients with value-added services for better cost control. “We automate the internal process of our clients and add value by providing them relevant information on call charges, network inventory, and queues, among other information,” says Javier Cid de Quevedo, CEO of TEAMNET.

TEAMNET has a team of billing and expense management veterans who understand the in and out of the longstanding issues in this space. With such understanding, the company has developed innovative TEM and billing solutions that disrupt the traditional practices with renewed processes. “Through our solutions, we help our clients optimize their operations, spend, and negotiations while keeping the cost in check,” says Cid de Quevedo.

The company’s TEM platform, INFOCOM, automates several tasks in handling expense-related information, allowing clients’ teams to focus on their core work. INFOCOM offers a dynamic environment where users can not only capture invoices, inventory of the terminals and lines, and prices agreed upon with the operators, but also analyze that information for effective decision-making. Automated reporting and analytics-driven accounting bring transparency and tackle untoward billing discrepancies. While telcos can meet their SLAs and compliance needs, their B2B customers achieve peace of mind with INFOCOM.

Backed by its unmatched excellence in solving industry problems, TEAMNET has changed the game in the billing arena through its solution BILL4COM.

Through our solutions, we help our clients optimize their operations, spend, and support negotiations while keeping the cost low

With BILL4COM, telco operators can automate the billing process of commercial agreements with complex pricing conditions. They can also achieve more than 80 percent billing efficiencies compared to other methods.

TEAMNET allows telcos to go upriver by allowing their B2B customers to create their telecom self-invoices based on their inventory of lines and services they have subscribed to with the operator, and in the generated CDR’s. The reconciliation of the invoices avoids misunderstanding and dissatisfaction among B2B customers. As the operator knows what to charge, the customer need not audit the invoice again.

With such high-performance solutions, TEAMNET has created many client success stories. In an instance, a big telecom operator in the Spanish market, was facing difficulties in providing its 200 B2B clients the invoices on time. Today, the firm has successfully implemented BILL4COM to eliminate all problems related to invoices. TEAMNET’s solution automated the entire invoicing system to save up to 86.7 percent of staff time. On another occasion, TEAMNET helped Prosegur, a private security firm, automate TEM and rationalize telecom usage to achieve massive savings.

What’s more, TEAMNET also developed a network inventory tool that automatically collects an up-to-date list of networks. So clients can now speed up the process of registering new devices by entering a range of IPs in it. They can also manage all kinds of devices, both connected and not connected, and optimize the IoT solutions deployment strategy.

Besides the technology, TEAMNET offers expert consulting service based on the internally developed best practices that enhance clients’ business processes and increase profitability. The service allows clients to identify major indicators for savings and business improvements. Additionally, revenue assurance in clients’ billing process improves profit and cash flow.

In the near future, TEAMNET focuses on IoT and 5G to improve its solutions and services. The company plans to expand its clientele in Europe, Latin America, and the US markets.
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Madrid, Spain

Javier Cid de Quevedo, CEO

A Spanish consultant company formed by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in processes of Information Processes and Information Technology for large organizations, TEAMNET in relationship with the customers is always based on the seriousness, trust, and a clear commitment from the first moment, even charging, in some services, depending on the results of these collaborations. The company's goal is to improve business results in the short term by the situation analysis and the improvement proposal, specialization in a series of particular services, the use of reliable methodologies and technological solutions, and the involvement of a highly qualified and motivated professional team