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Viktor Karlsson, CEO, TelavoxViktor Karlsson, CEO
What began in 2003 as a start-up founded by three students working from an attic, has turned into an international success story. Telavox continues to challenge old norms and is already making day-to-day work easier and more productive for over 250,000 users.

Great communication is fundamental to growth. In this light, the rise of Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) – solutions that combines telephony, chats, video and conference calls – is a positive development. But, given the increasingly complex nature of UCaaS solutions available in the market, it often becomes a daunting task to ensure smart and simple connectivity between internal employees and with customers.

A User-Friendly and Intuitive Interface

Telavox offers business telephony, PBX, chat, video and conferences – all in the same platform. The company helps clients streamline internal and external communication, improve collaboration and provide a better customer experience. Unlike many other systems that are too cumbersome and tedious to be fully adopted, Telavox is bringing the ease of use typically associated with consumer apps and SaaS products to UCaaS. Telavox's solution is fun and easy to use – both for administrators and end-users.

"When everyday communication is easy, people tend to share more ideas and information. Great communication drives growth and Telavox helps organisations achieve exactly that," says Viktor Karlsson, CEO of Telavox.

Unified Communications – For a Unified Company

A challenge for many companies is to get the whole organisation to embrace the same communication platform. Many businesses struggle with fragmented communication flows in a number of disintegrated channels, resulting in information silos and missed opportunity.

"Our UCaaS solution is exceptionally user-friendly, which makes it a platform that people actually adopt in their everyday work," says Karlsson.

The intuitive interface of the PBX and the chat lowers the threshold for internal communication and improves collaboration.

Self Administration Saves Time and Money

With Telavox, clients get the ability of real-time self-administration. This helps them navigate changes when new users or departments need to be added, or responsibilities are altered. Clients are entirely self-sufficient when it comes to supporting and making changes to their solution and their PBX setup, and can order SIM-cards and redirect routing with just a few clicks.

"The ease of use reduces dependencies and saves our customers a lot of time and effort," says Karlsson.

A testimony to the efficiency of Telavox is a Finnish logistics company, Varova. After replacing their old PBX and telephony with Telavox, they were able to see a 40 per cent reduction in costs. With Telavox, the client no longer had to depend on expensive ad hoc help from the service provider. While changes to the service configuration previously required participation from the provider, often resulting in costly delays, the team could now quickly test out different call strategies on their own.

"The self-service model that allows us to manage our licences and PBX on our own has meant huge savings for us.

When everyday communication is easy, people tend to share more ideas and information. Great communication drives growth and Telavox helps organisations achieve exactly that

We've managed to reduce our communications expenditure by 40 per cent thanks to Telavox," says Tomi Happonen, IT manager at Varova.

The license-based business model of Telavox in contrast to individual subscriptions also helped ensure more predictable costs, and makes the solution easy to scale.

Helping Companies Improve Customer Experience

The user-friendly attributes of Telavox do not only improve internal collaboration, but they also drive customer experience. The solution shortens the distance not only between employees but also between companies and their customers. Mobile presence in the PBX system makes it easy to find the right person quickly, and with smart routing and Interactive Voice Response companies can reduce their wait and overflow.

"We think it should be just as simple to use phone and PBX services at work as it is to use your private digital services," says Karlsson.

With Telavox, employees can connect calls, open and close the switchboard, chat with colleagues and see who is calling even if the contact is not saved. The company drives value for clients by integrating their mobile and fixed services, making it easy to communicate over a variety of platforms.

Outstanding Personalised Support

Given the user-friendliness of the system, many clients experience a dramatic decrease in their need for assistance. But when needed, Telavox's advisors are quick to provide support on-demand in a way that sets Telavox apart from most competitors. Each client is assigned a dedicated advisor that helps them overcome their challenges, from technical implementation to billing and day-to-day support. The advisor has complete knowledge about the client's requirements to ensure that the solution delivers on their goals at all times.

From Small Start-Up to Successful Global Player

The company, founded by three students in 2003, has come a long way. With offices in all of Scandinavia and the UK, Telavox is now planning to expand into new markets.

"Our product is constantly evolving, and we're moving closer to a full Contact Center solution," says Karlsson.

Clients can easily integrate Telavox with their Google or Microsoft accounts as well as other SaaS solutions with a few clicks.

"We're constantly adding more and deeper integrations with other platforms, such as Hubspot and Salesforce, to help our customers streamline their operations even further, and thereby drive productivity and growth," says Karlsson.

Telavox stands out in the market as the proprietor of their technology. While most players build their UCaaS systems on technical platforms that they pay to use, Telavox owns and develops every part of their solution.

"We own the platform we build our solution on and develop everything ourselves. This means we can adapt to the changing needs of the market. It gives us the freedom to be truly innovative," says Karlsson.
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Stockholm, Sweden

Viktor Karlsson, CEO

Telavox develops a world-leading communication platform with solutions for smart and efficient telephony, PBX, chat, video and much more. On a mission to simplify business communication and collaboration, the company employs 250 passionate people devoted to making work fun and productive for their customers