Telestax: Providing CPaaS Solutions to Service Providers

Ivelin Ivanov, CEO & Co-Founder, TelestaxIvelin Ivanov, CEO & Co-Founder
Today, telecom service providers are facing an imminent threat as the customers and businesses are opting for better real-time over-the-top (OTT) apps and messaging services such as Facebook and Whatsapp Messenger, making the traditional messaging and calling almost obsolete. It is paramount that they must evolve, and strike a balance between fast changing ways of communication and their core offerings, to further stay relevant and generate revenue. A solution is to opt for Communication Platform as a service (CPaaS) which enables real-time communication alternatives for service providers and enriches the user experience.

Enter, Telestax, a cloud-based CPaaS provider, which offers a full stack solution, RestcommONE, a fast, scalable, fault-tolerant, and high performing platform, which makes deployment of real-time communication alternatives for service providers hassle-free --from a simple voicemail to web-based chatbot, the platform covers it all. It provides capabilities such as Programmable Voice, Programmable SMS, Visual Designer, and more. While, Programmable Voice enables providers to create and scale personalized call experiences with ease, Programmable SMS provides access to build, deploy, and scale texting application quickly. In addition, the Visual Designer feature deals with all the telecom standards/protocols and lets the designers focus on building the app rather than concentrating on norms to follow. Furthermore, RestcommONE offers software development kits and templates for web, iOS, and Android that can be directly incorporated by the service providers to leverage the features of WebRTC.

RestcommONE Marketplace is another innovative offering by the company which connects service providers (App sellers), developers (App builders), and business customers (App buyers) at one place.
Marketplace applications cover all the modern communication options present, including voice mail, contact center integration, chatbots, alarms and notification, as well as, money transfer & transaction alerts, and two-factor authentication. “Our Marketplace enables service providers to quickly offer their own branded CPaaS, together with high-value Web RTC applications that are tested, proven, and certified by Telestax. In a very short time they can deliver the services their business customers want,” says Ivelin Ivanov, CEO of Telestax.

Our Marketplace enables service providers to quickly offer their own branded CPaaS, together with high-value Web RTC applications that are tested, proven, and certified by Telestax

In an instance, Sompopo, an e-commerce shopping portal, was looking for a platform to develop their application. It was targeted towards the needs of the Honduras population, which lacked proper banking facilities with 70 percent of them not having access to credit/debit card. The idea was to enable the customers to purchase the products through a shopping application that accepts various payment methods like cash-on-delivery, digital wallets, prepaid cards and more. However, with their current CPaaS platform, they were unable to develop a real-time voice, SMS, and web-based communication application. The company reached out to PAiC Business Development (a TeleStax Certified Preferred Partner) to help them build the application. PAiC built a customized application utilizing the RestcommONE platform that met all the requirements of the client and provided them multichannel SMS, voice, and web capabilities. “We are very excited about the official launch of Sompopo Shop,” states Agustin Torres McDonough, founder of Sompopo. “We are certain that with our distribution network and the technology provided by the RestcommONE CPaaS platform, we will revolutionize the way people shop in our country. That is our goal.”

Moving ahead, the company has incorporated IBM Voice Gateway, fueled by IBM Watson. The CPaaS platform, RestcommONE, easily integrates with the IBM Voice Gateway to extend the functionality by supporting SMS messaging to Watson, allowing customers to send text messages and receive a quick response rather than calling.